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About us

Wiser Real Estate is an investment and real estate management company operating in Thessaloniki.

We specialize in the search for investment properties and renovations offering the best financial returns and excellent construction results.

Organization and Management of Real Estate

We stand by our investors by taking over their lease of  their properties at the best possible and competitive market price. Our team also offers the coverage of accounting and tax obligations in cooperation with one of the best accounting offices in the city. We also provide frequent supervision of the properties as well as any repairs that may be needed over time.  Our team also provides support and service to each investor in terms of money transfer and the creation of a bank account in Greece if he wishes.


Investments and renovation

We provide you with all the necessary tools to achieve the best economic and construction choice. We undertake the planning, the presentation of the results of the renovation with three-dimensional plans (3D) but also the strict delivery of the projects within the agreed time limits.