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Leadership and soft skills development for new managers with leadership coaches. Situational and personalized e-sessions with coaching methods. On-demand and affordable for all key people - from $34 month.

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How it works

Together we define the most frequent challenges your new managers face in their work.
Leadership coaches record and publish e-sessions that help to solve the most frequent challenges and grow. Users access the sessions on-demand.
Sessions are engaging and personalized - the coach asks questions and reacts to the user's responses. Yet, they are affordable - starting from $34 user/month. See demo
Wiserstate is different from other e-learning platforms same as work with a coach is different from classroom training - it’s situational and personalized.

Meet our coaches and experts

Marisa Murray

Marisa Murray


Marisa Murray (P. Eng, MBA, PCC, Author) is the President and Chief Coach at Leaderley International. A former Partner with Accenture and Vice President at Bell, Marisa brings over 20 years of leadership and consulting experience.

Jewell Siebert

Jewell Siebert


ICF accredited coach, tapping practitioner and former active duty Army Officer. She helps leaders become more confident, build more effective teams, and feel more happy and fulfilled at work and at home.

Why Wiserstate?

Scale: Develop all your key people

Provide guided personal & leadership development for all your junior managers and HiPo team members. Your company culture, retention, and productivity will improve.

Save management’s time

Experienced business and leadership coaches prepare the development conversations. Direct managers can now save time and focus on the deeper, purely individual issues when coaching and mentoring their team members.

Ensure better 1:1 meetings

Team members are better prepared and can delve into more in-depth conversations. Their supervisors can use the recorded commitments and other data from Wiserstate as discussion subjects.

Achieve more with your LD budget

Our technology provides guided personal development at scale and an affordable price. Save on live 1:1 coaching and mentoring costs and do more with your LD budget.


How it works for HR

Prioritize personal development areas

You can define specific areas for each user where you expect them to grow. As a result, your employees will have their mandatory, recommended and optional personal development content.

Customize content

You can hide certain content or authors and also add your internal content, this way ensuring a highly personalized content for your employees.

Track progress and respect privacy

Management dashboard informs you about the activities and progress of your employees. However, we respect their privacy. Therefore the management can observe their quantitative progress with the mandatory and recommended content, but all the data that was filled in during the sessions remains private to the user. Also, a user's individual content choices remain private.

Motivate accountability

You can enable accountability tracking, and Wiserstate will ask the user to define and share with his manager or HR department certain information after each session. For example, the employee will describe his changed perspective and commitment - actions he intends to take. This information is then shared with the direct manager or HR department and can be used both for accountability and for better, more in-depth 1:1 meetings.

How it works for your team

Engaging user experience

The platform provides near conversational experience to the users. In each e-session, the coach has prepared bite-sized video units that are combined with questions. The coach asks questions, the user replies, and the coach reacts to the user's responses.

Personalized sessions

As the coach reacts to the user's responses, the user's experience and session content adapt based on the answers provided. That saves time for the user as and creates a personalized experience.

On-demand and ongoing access

Users can access the e-sessions at any time convenient for them. Also, they can pause and then continue later from where they left - that means, they can work with the sessions incrementally when they have time.

Personal development and Problem-solving

Our coaches provide e-sessions for

  • Personal development - soft skills, leadership skills and other competencies that are important for managers and
  • Problem-solving - for each situation that a new manager could face, we have a session that helps to see it from a new perspective and find solutions.

Join our pilot program

Join our pilot program and unlock full content for your team.

You can become a pilot customer if:

  • Your company has 50 or more employees
  • You care for the personal development of your team members
  • You are willing to use and at the same time improve the platform by sharing your feedback and needs about the content and features.

Pilot customers get a 50% discount for 1 year. First 3 months free trial.

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Join our pilot program and unlock full content for your team. Reach out to [email protected].


No matter what stage of life, level of business or hierarchy you are at, Prioritisation is an incredibly important skill to have!

The ability to identify priorities and act on them is a skill that surprisingly few people actually have or use on a regular basis.

You have the same number of hours in the day as everyone else. Then how come there are some people in this world that seem to be so productive and achieve so much each day!?

Well, it’s simple, they prioritise and don’t procrastinate!

In this course we’ll be looking at prioritisation.
  • How to prioritise,
  • What to prioritise,
  • And how to move into action.
    • This is also covered more in depth in my course ‘Stop Procrastinating!’ which you may also choose to take a look at.


A little competition can be a good thing for a team, but when the competition is excessive it often results in chaos and dysfunction. It can create conflict and hostility, decrease your productivity, negatively impact your teams, and even cause you stress outside of work. In this session, we’ll begin by looking at your situation, and the different ways to manage competitive coworker relationships. Then we’ll come up with strategies to help you navigate the situation with your competitive coworkers so you have less stress and more control.


This coaching session supports leaders in directly addressing underperformance in their team members. It provides the systems (knowledge, frameworks, processes and action planning support) required to enable you to take decisive action in elevating, motivating and developing your people. Whether this is a new employee or someone that has been working for you for a significant period of time, and whether you are a new or tenured leader – this coaching session will provide you with the tools and best practices required to make a positive impact on the employee and face the issue head on.


Whether it's giving a presentation in front of an audience, speaking up in meetings, or briefing your team, peers or supervisors, being an effective communicator is a valuable skill. But sometimes speaking in front of people can feel intimidating. In this session, we’ll begin by exploring your specific challenges around feeling comfortable speaking in front of others. Then we’ll come up with strategies you can use to be a more confident and effective public speaker.


In today's world, most of our work environments have become high paced and dynamic. Along with that comes Stress. In this video series, we will be engaging in specific exercises to help create some coping mechanisms for you to deal with stress effectively in your workplace environment. 


Influencing others at work can be difficult. You may find that although you work hard, your efforts aren’t recognised by those that matter and you are overlooked when opportunities arise. Or, your opinion isn’t sought during meetings. You may find that you aren’t invited to meetings that could be relevant or which would be good for your profile. Becoming valued and recognised as a future leader is more than just working hard and delivering. Raising your profile with those that matter and influencing how they perceive you is critical to your success.


In this video series, I am going to give you simple tools for transforming stress into lightness and flow. You are going to be able to deal with stress on the mental, emotional and energetic level. If you are a sensitive human being then you probably also feel the stress from others and make it your own. Therefore, you are going to learn how to deal with stress that is not yours. At the end of the course you are going to be able to go with the flow and develop greater basic serenity. 


Do you know when asked to share new ideas in front of a group, more than 70% of us hesitate. If you identify with that, or if you are a manager who wants to create a team culture wherein everyone feels comfortable to share their new ideas, then this video series is for you. 


Trust is central to human interaction and a powerful facilitator of your leadership. The reasons why people have or don’t have confidence in your leadership are sometimes obvious, often elusive. Four types of stakeholders have an interest in your leadership success: your market, your business owners, your team/colleagues and your greater self. In this session we will focus on your team’s perspective.


Running a successful team workshop is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your leadership, motivate and inspire your team, whilst improving performance.  This topic focuses on preparing and delivering a “Ways of Working” workshop which will help the team agree and align to their joint goal as well as how they will work together to reach the goal in an energising and positive way.  It can be run at any time, when you have just taken over leadership of the team, annually, or when there are challenges within the team that you need to address.  You can also use this approach if you are facilitating a team that doesn’t report into you. 


Have you ever experienced state of mind where great decisions, actions and creativity seem to be e­ffortlessly? A state of deep focus where you are so much more productive?

Flow, also commonly known as being ‘in the zone’ is understood as being fully immersed in an activity and feeling totally focused on one thing. Great decisions, actions and creativity seem to be e­ffortless and flow from within.

Flow can be a moment in time that can grow into a life direction, purpose and meaning. For this exercise we will use the analogy of a river fed by multiple small streams. Each small steam is a moment of flow in your life. Every time we act in flow towards our vision or goal, the streams add energy to the river, giving it more power and momentum. Before you know it, your flow will become an unstoppable positive force. Each journey starts with a single step. Each raging river starts with a small stream.

Knowing why and how to get into flow is critical to the process. This is what we’ll look at here. By identifying how to get into flow in a single moment, we are also discovering the building blocks of life flow.


You have taken on a new role as a leader of a department. You might be asked, or you wish to establish a team business plan. You might have some questions how to address this. If this is the case, this program is for you.


As a leader, delegation is essential if you want to give yourself the time and the energy to do something of higher value; strategy and change management for instance.

As an R&D manager at HP, I realised that there are really 2 parts to this process of delegating and “letting go”.
First there’s the ART. This is the observable skill of delivering the 6 steps of the process; prepare, assign, confirm understanding, confirm commitment, avoid taking back the task, and ensure accountability. That 6 step process is external; that’s the ART and it’s the first part of delegating.

The second part is the HEART of delegating. This is your ability to truly feel comfortable and confident with your delegation skill. This is internal, and it’s this second part which is the focus of this coaching topic.

It includes things like trust, empowerment and your leadership identity.


Good focus is at the heart of moving forward in your work. But it’s not always so easy to acheive it, and once you have acheived it to sustain it for a good length of time!
I will help you to understand what your main barriers to productivity are – not only the things that happen in your office to interrupt you, but also the things that happen in your brain to interrupt you. You may be surprised to find out just how often you distract yourself.
Once you know what your main barriers and interuptors are, we are going to work together to make an action plan to help you reduce them and at the same time increase your rate of focus and productivity.


 As leader of a team, you have responsibility for the results that your team delivers. So, you want your team members to perform at their best, and that depends to a large extent on the quality of the relationships that you have with your team. It depends too on the quality of the conversations that you have in 1:1 meetings. 
 It’s those 1:1 conversations which I will cover in this coaching series, and I’ll be looking at the environment you work in, the structure of the meetings, and how the content varies depending on the maturity of your leadership and your relationship with each team member.